[9][28], Exclusive economic zones in Adriatic Sea :[29], The Adriatic Sea's average depth is 259.5 metres (851 ft), and its maximum depth is 1,233 metres (4,045 ft); however, the North Adriatic basin rarely exceeds a depth of 100 metres (330 ft). [17], The Adriatic Sea contains more than 1,300 islands and islets, most along the Adriatic's eastern coast—especially in Croatia, with 1,246 counted. The park covers 69 kilometres (43 mi) of coastline, 22.95 square kilometres (8.86 sq mi) of land and 44.55 square kilometres (17.20 sq mi) of sea. [287] Eni estimated its concessions in the Adriatic Sea to hold at least 40,000,000,000 cubic metres (1.4×1012 cu ft) of natural gas, adding that they may even reach 100,000,000,000 cubic metres (3.5×1012 cu ft). [248] In 2006, the total Croatian fisheries production volume was 37,800 tonnes (37,200 long tons) of catch and 14,200 tonnes (14,000 long tons) from marine aquaculture. The earliest settlements on the Adriatic shores were Etruscan, Illyrian, and Greek. Connexion entre les installations offshore dans la mer du Nord. Conditions meteorologiques et vents en adriatique. [224], During the Cold War, the Adriatic Sea became the southernmost flank of the Iron Curtain as Italy joined NATO,[225] while the Warsaw Pact established bases in Albania. océanique. [290], In the 2000s, investigation works aimed at discovering gas and oil reserves in the Middle and Southern Adriatic basins intensified, and by the decade's end, oil and natural gas reserves were discovered southeast of the Bari, Brindisi—Rovesti and Giove oil discoveries. In 402 AD, during a period of repeated Germanic invasions of Italy, the capital was shifted to Ravenna because nearby marshes made it more defensible, and the Adriatic provided an easy escape path by sea. The names for the sea in the languages of the surrounding countries include Albanian: Deti Adriatik; Emilian: Mèr Adriatic; Friulian: Mâr Adriatic; Greek: Αδριατική θάλασσα – Adriatikí thálassa; Istro Romanian: Marea Adriatică; Italian: Mare Adriatico; Serbo-Croatian: Jadransko more, Јадранско море; Slovene: Jadransko morje; Venetian: Mar Adriàtico. Les États membres notifient toute subdivision à la Commission au plus tard à la date précisée à l’article 26, paragraphe 1, premier alinéa, mais ils peuvent la modifier après achèvement de l’évaluation initiale visée à l’article 5, paragraphe 2, point a) i). [197], In 1648, the Holy Roman Empire lost its claim on its former Italian lands, formally ending the Kingdom of Italy; however, its only outlet on the Adriatic Sea, the Duchy of Ferrara, was already lost to the Papal States. [31], The coastal water dynamics are determined by the asymmetric coasts and the inflow of the Mediterranean seawater through the Straits of Otranto and further on along the eastern coast. [260] Adriatic tourism is a significant source of income for these countries, especially in Croatia and Montenegro where the tourism income generated along the Adriatic coast represents the bulk of such income. [40][41][42], It is estimated that the Adriatic's entire volume is exchanged through the Strait of Otranto in 3.4±0.4 years, a comparatively short period. The sea is abundant in flora and fauna—more than 7,000 species are identified as native to the Adriatic, many of them endemic, rare and threatened ones. [123] The Bay of Mali Ston is located at the border of Croatia and Bosnia–Herzegovina, north of the Pelješac peninsula. However, proposed export oil pipelines were objected to specifically because of this issue. These are particularly due to or dependent upon the karst morphology of the coastal or submarine topography; this includes inhabiting subterranean habitats, karst rivers, and areas around freshwater springs. [4] Mare Superum on the other hand normally encompassed both the modern Adriatic Sea and the sea off the Apennine peninsula's southern coast, as far as the Strait of Sicily. La température de la mer varie de 14 ° à 25 °. [108], Tuna has been caught by the locals in the upper Adriatic for thousands of years. [183], The High Middle Ages in the Adriatic Sea basin saw further territorial changes, including the Norman conquest of southern Italy ending the Byzantine presence on the Apennine peninsula in the 11th and 12th centuries (the territory would become the Kingdom of Naples in 1282)[184][185] and the control of a substantial part of the eastern Adriatic coast by the Kingdom of Hungary after a personal union was established between Croatia and Hungary in 1102. The Byzantines established the Exarchate of Ravenna and by 553 AD their viceroy (Exarch) ruled almost the entire Italian peninsula from that city. Thomas Fromm "Pipeline durch die Alpen: Alles im Fluss" In: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26 December 2019. Finally, the Montenegrin fisheries production stood at 911 tonnes (897 long tons) in 2006, with only 11 tonnes coming from aquaculture. In the southeast, the Adriatic Sea connects to the Ionian Sea at the 72-kilometre (45 mi) wide Strait of Otranto. Plusieurs pays ont leurs côtes au bord de la mer adriatique, parmi lesquels : l'Albanie, la Bosnie-Herzégovine, la Croatie, les Îles croates, l'Italie et la Slovénie. La mer Adriatique est celle qui baigne toute la Côte de Rimini.C’est la mer où, beaucoup d’entre nous, prennent des bains rafraîchissants en été. [97] Its main biogeographic units are the Northern Adriatic, the Central Adriatic, and the Southern Adriatic. Privrednik", Ministry of Tourism, Cultural Affairs, Youth and Sports (Albania), "Tourism – Hotels, Slovenia, 2008–2010 – final data", "Traffic of ships, passengers and goods by harbour master's offices and statistical ports, 2008", "Slovenia's Luka Koper 2011 Cargo Throughput Up 11%", "Signed the founding of the NAPA in Trieste, Rijeka is expected to join in", Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure (Croatia), "Annamaria offshore oil rig starts trial run", "Natural gas reserves in the Adriatic may be up to 100 billion cubic meters", "Istraživanje i proizvodnja ugljikovodika u Hrvatskoj", "Petroleum Systems of the Po Basin Province of Northern Italy and the Northern Adriatic Sea", "Northern Petroleum to expand exploration of Rovesti and Giove oil discoveries", "New Commercial Oil Discovery at Rovesti Structure in South Adriatic and its Importance for Croatian Part of Adriatic Basin", "Milanović poništio Kosoričin natječaj za istraživanje nafte i plina", "Oceanographic Time Series in the Adriatic Sea", Region 5 – Western Africa, Mediterranean, Black Sea Nautical Charts, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Adriatic_Sea&oldid=995296315, Bodies of water of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Articles with Slovene-language sources (sl), Articles with dead external links from February 2017, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Articles with Albanian-language sources (sq), Articles with dead external links from January 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using infobox body of water without pushpin map, Articles using infobox body of water without image bathymetry, Articles containing Albanian-language text, Articles containing Emilian-language text, Articles containing Friulian-language text, Articles containing Istro Romanian-language text, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles containing Serbo-Croatian-language text, Articles containing Slovene-language text, Articles containing Venetian-language text, Articles containing Croatian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 07:36. [158] Greek colonisation of the Adriatic dates back to the 7th and 6th centuries BC when Epidamnos and Apollonia were founded. [140] Venice is often cited as an example of polluted coastal waters where shipping, transportation, farming, manufacturing and wastewater disposal contribute to polluting the sea. Brundisium was linked by the Via Appia road to the city of Rome, and Dyrrachium and Apollonia were both on the Via Egnatia, a road that by about 130 BC the Romans had extended eastward across the Balkans to Byzantium (later Constantinople, now Istanbul). [25] The islands along the Adriatic's western (Italian) coast are smaller and less numerous than those along the opposite coast; the best-known ones are the 117 islands on which the city of Venice is built. [86][87], There are alternations of maritime and alluvial sediments occurring in the Po Valley, at the Adriatic's north-west coast, and as far west as Piacenza, dating to the Pleistocene as the sea advanced and receded over the valley. Adriatique is an electronic music producer and DJ duo from Zürich, Switzerland, consisting of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. [161][163] Following the repression of the revolt the Roman province of Illyricum was split into Dalmatia and Pannonia. The islands of Cres and the adjacent Lošinj are separated only by a narrow navigable canal dug in the time of classical antiquity;[23] the original single island was known to the Greeks as Apsyrtides. [18] The North Adriatic basin, extending between Venice and Trieste towards a line connecting Ancona and Zadar, is only 15 metres (49 ft) deep at its northwestern end; it gradually deepens towards the southeast. The depleted fish stock, and Croatia's Ecological and Fisheries Protection Zone (ZERP) contributed to accusations of overfishing exchanged between Italian and Croatian fishermen. Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en janvier - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en février - Minimum : 48°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mars - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 60°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en avril - Minimum : 56°F/Maximum : 61°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mai - Minimum : … No longer have to stay alone in hotels or apartments, finally, they too can enjoy the holiday in a beautiful new and fully equipped beach.The Doggy Beach is located in Lignano Sabbiadoro on Lungomare Marin, near the beach office n. 1, easily reachable also with the public transportation. [32][81] There are five geomorphological units in the Adriatic: the Northern Adriatic (up to 100 metres (330 ft) deep); the North Adriatic islands area protected against sediments filling it in by outer islands (pre-Holocene karst relief); the Middle Adriatic islands area (large Dalmatian islands); the Middle Adriatic (characterized by the Middle Adriatic Depression); and the Southern Adriatic consisting of a coastal shelf and the Southern Adriatic Depression. Karstification there largely began after the Dinarides' final uplift in the Oligocene and the Miocene, when carbonate deposits were exposed to atmospheric effects; this extended to the level of 120 metres (390 ft) below the present sea level, exposed during the Last Glacial Maximum. [255], The largest volume of fish harvesting was in Italy, where the total production volume in 2007 stood at 465,637 tonnes (458,283 long tons). En cliquant sur les marqueurs, vous pourrez accéder au détail ville par ville de la température de la mer en août. Andrea Di Matteo "Santa Croce, 1954: ultima grande pescata di tonni", Il Piccolo, 23. Part I: Air–Sea Interactions and Water Mass Structure", 10.1175/1520-0485(1997)027<1492:TASGCP>2.0.CO;2, Lionello, Malanotte-Rizzoli & Boscolo 2006, "Led okovao svjetionik, u Tisnom smrznulo more", "Mediterranean climate: Background information", "Köppenova podjela klima i hrvatsko nazivlje", "Population in major towns and municipalities, 2011 census", "Population and Housing Census in Albania", "Koliko je Jadran doista opterećen antropogenim i prirodnim unosom tvari? [49], The Adriatic's surface temperature usually ranges from 22 to 30 °C (72 to 86 °F) in the summer, or 12 to 14 °C (54 to 57 °F) in the winter, except along the western Adriatic coast's northern part, where it drops to 9 °C (48 °F) in the winter. La moyenne de saison de la température de l'eau pour le mois de août se situe entre 24.7°C et 25.7°C. Durant l’hiver, la température de l’eau frôle les 15°C. The surface water temperatures generally range from 30 °C (86 °F) in summer to 12 °C (54 °F) in winter, significantly moderating the Adriatic Basin's climate. Sediments deposited in the Adriatic Sea today generally come from the northwest coast, being carried by the Po, Reno, Adige, Brenta, Tagliamento, Piave and Soča rivers. 5-88. [229] The period also saw the Adriatic Sea as the theatre of several NATO operations, including the blockade of Yugoslavia,[232] intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia. Le meilleur moment pour visiter en la région des Côte Adriatique en L' Italie est de mai à octobre, lorsque les une agréable ou chaud températures sont et presque rien pluviosité.La température moyenne la plus élevée an Côte Adriatique est 29°C en juillet et la plus basse est 10°C en janvier. The volume of sediments carried from the eastern shore by the Rječina, Zrmanja, Krka, Cetina, Ombla, Dragonja, Mirna, Raša and Neretva rivers is negligible, because these sediments are mostly deposited at the river mouths. Mare Adriaticum generally corresponds to the Adriatic Sea's extent, spanning from the Gulf of Venice to the Strait of Otranto. The plate's movement contributed to the formation of the surrounding mountain chains and Apennine tectonic uplift after its collision with the Eurasian plate. This circulation has significantly contributed to the biodiversity of the countries along the eastern Adriatic coast; the common bottlenose dolphin is frequent in the eastern coast's waters only, and the Croatian coast provides refuge for the critically endangered monk seal and sea turtles. [204] The campaign reached its climax in the 1811 Battle of Lissa,[citation needed] and ended with British and Austrian troops seizing the coastal cities on the eastern Adriatic coast from the French. La température de l'eau est comprise entre 13°C et 28°C. [80], All types of seafloor sediments are found in the Adriatic Sea. Suggestions. FAO Fisheries Technical Papers … This led to conflict with the Illyrians, who lived in a collection of semi-Hellenized kingdoms that covered much of the Balkans and controlled the eastern shore of the sea, resulting in the Illyrian Wars from 229–168 BC. Rapp. [146] The Slovenian government and municipalities,[147] the municipal council of Trieste,[148] and non-governmental organisations have voiced concern over their environmental hazards, effect on transport and effect on tourism. The project proposes laying a series of 79 inflatable pontoons across the sea bed at the three entrances to the Venetian Lagoon. De la mi mai à la mi Octobre, les températures de l'eau sont au dessus de 20 degrés ce qui permet de profiter de belles journées de plage ensoleillées, de plus si le temps change un peu n'hésitez pas à vous promener dans le parc naturel du … It contributes to the flow of bottom water from the Adriatic to the Levantine Basin through the Ionian Sea. [96] This is reflected in its biogeography and ecology, and particularly in the composition and properties of its ecosystems. [208], The process of Italian unification culminated in the Second Italian War of Independence, resulting in the Kingdom of Sardinia annexing all territories along the western Adriatic coast south of Venetia in 1860, and the 1861 establishment of the Kingdom of Italy in its place. [26] The northern shore of the Greek island of Corfu also lies in the Adriatic Sea as defined by the IHO. [143] An additional risk is presented by oil refineries in the Po River basin where oil spills have occurred before,[144] in addition to accidents occurring in the Adriatic already, so far with no significant environmental consequences. La courbe de température de l'océan Indien équatorial est basée sur l'analyse des alkénones, ... Siani et al. [145] Since 2006, Italy has been considering the construction of an offshore and an onshore LNG terminal in the Gulf of Trieste, as well as a pipeline, in the immediate vicinity of the Slovenian–Italian border. L’eau est basse et le fond sableux, voilà pourquoi se baigner ici est joli, amusant et sûr, tout spécialement pour les enfants qui … Doggy Beach. [72] An unbroken zone of increased seismic activity borders the Adriatic Sea, with a belt of thrust faults generally oriented in the northeast–southwest direction on the east coast and the northeast–southwest normal faults in the Apennines, indicating an Adriatic counterclockwise rotation. [50] The southern Adriatic is subjected to saltier water from the Levantine Basin. [48] The Middle and South Adriatic Gyres (SAG), are significant cyclonic circulation features, with the former being intermittent and the latter permanent. À Venise, sur la côte de la mer Adriatique, la température est un peu plus douce et se situe entre 3,5 °C en janvier et 23 °C en juillet. [54], According to the Köppen climate classification, the upper half of the Adriatic is classified as humid subtropical climate (Cfa), with wetter summers and colder and drier winters, and the southern Adriatic are classified as hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Csa). ", "Facing Water Challenges in the Po River Basin, Italy: A WWDR3 Case Study", "Technology: Venetians put barrage to the test against the Adriatic", "Venice's 1,500-year battle with the waves", "Venice's MOSE flood barriers rise for the first time", "Submerged Karst – Dead or Alive? [263] For Montenegro, the direct contribution of tourism to the national GDP is 8.1%, with the total contribution to the economy at 17.2% of Montenegrin GDP. Oil spills are a major concern in terms of potential environmental impact and damage to tourism and fisheries. Mer. The Adriatic's salinity is lower than the Mediterranean's because the Adriatic collects a third of the fresh water flowing into the Mediterranean, acting as a dilution basin. Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en janvier - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en février - Minimum : 48°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mars - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 60°F … Temperature and salinity were measured with a CTD system (Neil Brown, General Oceanics Inc., or Sea Bird, Electronics Inc., Washington, USA) at each zooplankton sampling site. [265], There are nineteen Adriatic Sea ports (in four different countries) that each handle more than a million tonnes of cargo per year. [210] Following the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 and the Croatian–Hungarian Settlement of 1868, the control of much of the eastern Adriatic coast was redefined. Implemented for the first time on October 3, 2020,[70] the barriers are made to seal off three inlets that lead to the Venetian Lagoon and counteract floods of up to ten feet; in addition to protecting the city from flooding, the barrier system is also intended to stabilize Venice's water levels so as to minimize erosion of the brick walls and, subsequently, the foundations of various buildings in the city. For other uses, see, Body of water between the Italian Peninsula and the Balkan Peninsula, *Beds in all collective accommodation facilities; includes "Hotel beds" figure also shown separately, Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the. The greatest portion of the discharge from any single river comes from the Po (28%),[43] with an average discharge from it alone of 1,569 cubic metres per second (55,400 cu ft/s). Surveys indicate reserves of 3 billion barrels of oil in place and 5.7×1010 cubic metres (2,000,000,000,000 cu ft) of gas in place. During the reign of Augustus it became a major naval base as part of his program to re-organize the Roman navy to better protect commerce in the Mediterranean. Ianniello, A., Bolelli, W., and Di Scala, L., 1992, Barbara Field, Adriatic Sea, Offshore Italy, In Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade, 1978–1988, AAPG Memoir 54, Halbouty, M.T., editor, Tulsa: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, formation of the surrounding mountain chains, Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance, internationally important (Ramsar) wetland reserves, Armistice between Italy and Allied armed forces, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, "Drainage Basin of the Mediterranean Sea", United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, "Cartography in Croatia 2007–2011 – National Report to the ICA", "S pomočjo mareografske postaje v Kopru do novega geodetskega izhodišča za Slovenijo", Die Alpen: Hydrologie und Verkehrsübergänge (German), Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, "Coastline lengths and areas of islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea determined from the topographic maps at the scale of 1 : 25 000", "Croatian small islands – residential and/or leisure area", "Stare crkve na Cresu i Lošinju te okolnim otocima", "Cape Kephali, Corfu, Greece – the southernmost point of the Adriatic Sea", "Sea Around Us | Fisheries, Ecosystems and Biodiversity", "Adriatic Sea Fisheries: outline of some main facts", "Zadar: Zbog velike plime more poplavilo obalu", "Jugo i niski tlak: More poplavilo šibensku rivu", "Marine Radioecology and Waste Management in the Adriatic", "Investigation of submarine groundwater discharge", "The Adriatic Sea General Circulation. mars avril mai juin juil. The most common species are Cymodocea nodosa and Zostera noltii, while Zostera marina and Posidonia oceanica are comparatively rare. This arrangement was made permanent in the 1975 Treaty of Osimo. Italy and Yugoslavia agreed on their maritime boundaries by 1975 and this boundary is recognised by Yugoslavia's successor states, but the maritime boundaries between Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro are still disputed. [214] The treaty provided the basis for all the following divisions between Italy and Yugoslavia. [128][129] In 1993, the area was designated a Ramsar site;[126] it is also a site of international importance for waterbird species. [13] Around thirty species of fish are found in only one or two countries bordering the Adriatic Sea. The last major tuna catch was made there in 1954 by the fishermen from Santa Croce, Contovello and Barcola. The countries with coasts on the Adriatic are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. Cycles biologique des copepodes (Crustacea) de la mer Adriatique. [154] Future pollution hazards are addressed and pollution hotspots are assessed not only by nations in the basin but also through regional projects with World Bank support. [199] In 1797, the Republic of Venice was abolished after the French conquest. Following World War I and the collapse of Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, the eastern coast's control passed to Yugoslavia and Albania. Holcer D.. Fortuna M.C.. Mackelworth C. P.. 2014. The Adriatic is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the Strait of Otranto (where it connects to the Ionian Sea) to the northwest and the Po Valley. [236] These disputes with Slovenia were eventually settled with an agreement to accept the decision of an international arbitration commission set up via the UN, enabling Croatia to progress towards EU membership. Before the breakup of Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy and Yugoslavia initially proclaimed 15-nautical-mile (28 km; 17 mi) territorial waters, subsequently reduced to international-standard 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) and all sides adopted baseline systems (mostly in the 1970s). Méditerranée. [54] The Adriatic's salinity variation over the year is likewise distinct:[51] it ranges between 38 and 39 PSUs. Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en janvier - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en février - Minimum : 48°F/Maximum : 59°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mars - Minimum : 50°F/Maximum : 60°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en avril - Minimum : 56°F/Maximum : 61°F Température de l'eau de la mer adriatique en mai - Minimum : … [110] There are 45 known subspecies endemic to the Adriatic's coasts and islands. The sirocco brings humid and warm air, often carrying Saharan sand causing rain dust.[57]. Between the Norian and Late Cretaceous, the Adriatic and Apulia Carbonate Platforms formed as a thick series of carbonate sediments (dolomites and limestones), up to 8,000 metres (26,000 ft) deep. Moreover, the Adriatic's long and narrow rectangular shape is the source of an oscillating water motion (French: seiche) along the basin's minor axis. [277] In 2010, the Northern Adriatic seaports of Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Koper and Rijeka founded the North Adriatic Ports Association to position themselves more favourably in the EU's transport systems. [170], Another city on the Italian coast of the Adriatic that increased in importance during the Roman era was Ravenna. This engineering work was due to be completed by 2014,[68] but as of November 2020 is expected to be completed in 2021. [219] Following the war, a private force of demobilized Italian soldiers seized Rijeka and set up the Italian Regency of Carnaro—seen as a harbinger of Fascism—in order to force the recognition of Italian claims to the city. In total, more than 3.5 million people live on the Adriatic coasts. Vous pouvez ainsi aisément choisir une destination de vacances où se baigner sera agréable ou savoir quand est le bon moment pour aller à la plage ! In the Eocene and early Oligocene, the plate moved north and north-east, contributing to the Alpine orogeny (along with the African and Eurasian Plates' movements) via the tectonic uplift of the Dinarides and Alps. George. [264] Tourism in Adriatic Croatia has recently exhibited greater growth than in the other regions around the Adriatic. In the Adriatic, there are at least 410 species and subspecies of fish, representing approximately 70% of Mediterranean taxa, with at least 7 species endemic to the Adriatic. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. [112] The Lastovo nature park was established in 2006, and it includes 44 islands and islets, 53 square kilometres (20 sq mi) of land and 143 square kilometres (55 sq mi) of sea surface.

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